Practice Research in Visual Culture

counterfield is a PhD research collective from the Visual Culture Department at Goldsmiths. Our work intersects with multiple elements of practise research, through which we seek to redress dominant power structures of knowledge that proliferate and repress.


Ayesha Keshani

Bruno Verner

Dimitra Gkitsa

Portia Malatjie

Khairani Barokka

Ofri Cnaani

Peter Ainsworth

​Christian Ferreira​

Siegrun Salmanian

Shelley Calhoun-Scullion

Mary Goody

Deborah Kent

Sanjita Majumder

Killian O'Dwyer

Emma Wingfield

Fabienne Formosa

Callum Bradley

Paola Debellis

Georgia Perkins

Clara Rocha

Mercedes Fernández