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​​Clara Rocha is Nenzinha and Azemar’s the 11th daughter. She is also a mother of two as well as a person who cares and creates connections with humans, spirituality and nature. Basing her experience through life by listening, teaching, curating, experimenting contemporary art and educational methods as well as creating energetic ways of healing and understanding self and others.

Clara has been critically thinking religion and art within activism and their impacts in democratic process in a PhD research at Goldsmiths University. She also created The Family Moment project working with families to build new ways to practice parenthood through a more respectful, playful, gentle and feminist perspective. Currently, she is part of two collectives: Curatorial Sopro sharing and exchanging with Bia Morgado experiences of big exhibition and contemporary art and Counterfield engaging with new angles of being a researcher. Clara is collaborating with Deptford People’s Heritage Museum learning and helping to build engagement with local schools and community once she got over 13 years experience linked with curatorial and learning experience developed in Brazil and the UK.

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