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“Earthly Witnessing in Rock Formations”
Callum Bradley & Georgia Perkins

I had the pleasure to participate in Georgia’s and Callum’s workshop “Earthly Witnessing in Rock Formations'” as part of our fourth Counterfield series “Playful Disruptions: loopholes, networks, care”. Before the workshop, they invited us to find a rock in our immediate surroundings to bring to the session. This set an intimate tone to the workshop from the onset, where even though we were miles apart, on a digital platform, we could witness each other holding pieces of the earth and this invited us into a sense of interconnectedness, as we each told our rock story. They then took a participatory approach to the workshop where they invited us to interact with the platform Mural and we collectively mapped out the different ways of attuning to the concept of “Earthly Witnessing in Rock Formations” through the lihic network by adding images, text and links to the mural. The collective practice of tracing and playfully rocking together disrupted Callum’s and Georgia’s theoretical renderings framing the speculative ficto-genealogy of minerals in a performative way that made the theory both accessible and enlivening. It was delightful!

Fabienne Formosa

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