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Indeterminate Transmissions | (In-Person) Movement Workshop
Co-facilitated by Marie Theresa Crick, Daphna Westerman and Jiaying Gao

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All welcome (No previous dance knowledge is required)

The film 'Indeterminate Transmissions – Hydro-Feminine' by the artist Marie Theresa Crick is a meditation on the search of ‘other feminine’, the ‘feminine-to-come’, that is a 'hydro-feminine' through the poetics of 'Filmic Breath'. 'Filmic Breath' thinks with how the filmic body itself breathes, in its digital, analog and post-lens (found footage) forms.

'Indeterminate Transmissions – Hydro-Feminine' will be our space of departure, as we explore Filmic Bodies of Breath and suffocation through activating our bodies while thinking of these modalities.

We invite you to think and move collectively with us. No prior knowledge or dance experience is needed. If you are interested in exploring the connection between our bodies and the moving image, you are welcome to join!

Instagram: @mtcdigitalcreative @daphnawesterman @jaelyn.999

** The film 'Indeterminate Transmissions – Hydro-Feminine' will be screened at 'Choreo Archive' exhibition opening on Saturday 5 November at 6pm at SKEWED Gallery. The exhibition seeks to think archive-making through workshops that explore dance practice. The workshops will be co-facilitated by artists Jiaying Gao (@jaelyn.999) and Marie Theresa Crick (@mtcdigitalcreative).

Jiaying Gao from 'Choreo Archive' will join the session virtually from China.

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