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series four:  
playful disruptions: loopholes, networks, care


How do we forge intimacies as we are pushed further apart? These workshops convene a peering collective in search of playful practices for disruption. Cutting through individual isolation and auto-affection, cultivating co-affecting networked relations, the ruptive effects of play are staged throughout this series. Partial affects are looped, sharing in considerations around care, becoming cacaphonous. Dwelling in loopholes, otherwise exploited and evacuated, frames and facilitates communual spaces for fragile convalescence, resting and in and from this, resisting. The network is embodied  across earth surfaces; bodies, minds and screens sharing-in-difference. In total, this workshop series tests and transforms the notion of generatively intimate dirsuptions, and in this the limits and thresholds of our collective capacities for communing (with) care.

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