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“Embodied Storytelling”
Fabienne Formosa


Fabienne’s workshop on “Embodied Storytelling” brought together methods of Japanese Butoh dance movement and guided imagery as a means of investigating how the body can be used as a form of storytelling, in order to make connections across multispecies in a time of ecological crises. Through guidance in slow-somatic movement and embodied practises, Fabienne mapped different images of bulbs and spiders, encouraging participants to enact the movements associated with these species. This not only brought us closer to an embodied awareness of the sensations and stories from multiple bodies, including our own, but also produced intimate connections to the other group members. Fabienne’s workshop provided a comforting and welcoming space of openness and exchange. Her delivery and approach in facilitating care in a range of artistic and embodied practises is exceptionally thoughtful and attentive.

Georgia Perkins and Callum Bradley

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