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Marie Theresa Crick is a PhD researcher in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths University. Her research seeks to incarnate a process that questions how to reimagine the rhythmics of shared breath and suffocation between the ‘bipolar’ mother and the daughter; looking to the potentials for thought, opened by the absences created by the critiques of Irigarayan scholarship. Rereading Irigaray’s motif of air through embraces with filmic breath within the archives of the Wellcome Collection. Marie Theresa is an artist and a core member of the Counterfield Collective. As part of Counterfield she has co-facilitated one workshop with Daphna Westerman and Jiaying Gao as part of series five: Activating Indeterminate Encounters and another as part of Ocean as Archive on the MA in Contemporary Art Theory. Marie Theresa’s filmic work seeks to think filmic breath as practice whilst weaving amongst her own freelance photography, film, and teaching practice which forms MTC Digital Creative. She has over seventeen years of experience in creative spaces, predominantly in education, including schools in Surrey and London and Whitechapel Gallery, Zoo Art Fair and Sebastian and Barquet. Marie Theresa has activated ‘Thinking With’ online spaces to collectively think with different art spaces, such as Manifesta 14, documenta 15 and many others. She also takes part in spaces such as the Birkbeck London Critical Theory Summer School, Architectural Summer Schools and Birkbeck Guilt Group. Her film Indeterminate Transmissions - Hydro-Feminine was screened at the opening of Choreo Archive – re-making your archive at SKEWED Gallery, and has also been part of a group exhibition Fragments at the University of Kent and group publication Market Tales a Geopolyphony

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